Named Chairs and Professorships

What does it mean to fund an Academic Position?

Establishing a named professorship or chair is one of the most prestigious ways to associate that name with an academic position. Thus, the teaching and research work of a high-profile and internationally recognized professor on strategic issues of common interest can be supported.

The named position can be:

  • permanent: it lasts as long as the University. It is a great honor both for the appointed professor and for the donor who contributes to founding it. The gift establishes an endowment, capital that the University invests long-term that generates an annual return, guaranteeing the independence and sustainability of the chair’s activities at Bocconi.
  • fixed term: the academic position is set up for a minimum duration of 5 years, and can be extended. The gift allows you to cover the costs associated with the professor and related activities.

Donors Benefits

By supporting a chair, the Donor becomes a strategic partner of Bocconi, coming into direct contact with the faculty and actively contributing to the development of cutting-edge knowledge in the thematic area of interest.

The activities of the supported chairs provide donors with maximum visibility in the context of academic dissemination activities such as scientific events and conferences, often for an international audience.

Through the chair’s teaching activities, donors have the opportunity to establish direct contact with students and engage them through targeted initiatives such as challenges and guest speakers.

Named Chairs and Professorships