Investing in young people, enhancing scientific research and human capital, promoting economic growth, social mobility and development: these are our goals, and each individual can contribute to them in concrete ways through the projects and campaigns promoted by the University.

By giving to a specific campaign you can ease the cost of tuition fees, support research projects or make our campus a great place to be. Your generosity can give everyone equal opportunities here and now, and help us build a better society – one degree at a time.

Reaching forward together

Even small gestures of generosity related to specific projects can make a big difference. This section includes all the fundraising campaigns currently underway – in memoriam scholarships, special initiatives and more.

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Within Our Reach


La campagna "Una Sfida Possibile" è stata la prima grande iniziativa di raccolta fondi lanciata da un'università italiana. Tra il 2007 e il 2020, abbiamo raccolto più di 120 milioni di euro da donazioni e contributi liberali per sostenere la facoltà, la ricerca, gli studenti e la crescita del campus.
È stato un grande risultato, ottenuto solo grazie al contributo di persone e organizzazioni che condividono i nostri stessi valori e credono nella nostra missione.

Ogni Donor ha fatto la differenza: scopri l'impatto del loro sostegno

Million euros raised raised until 2020
Donors between 2007-2020
1 out 4
Students benefit from need-based and merit-based scholarships
Donations from Corporations and Foundations