Investing in young people, enhancing scientific research and human capital, promoting economic growth, social mobility and development: these are our goals, and each individual can contribute to them in concrete ways through the projects and campaigns promoted by the University.

By giving to a specific campaign you can ease the cost of tuition fees, support research projects or make our campus a great place to be. Your generosity can give everyone equal opportunities here and now, and help us build a better society – one degree at a time.

Reaching forward together

Even small gestures of generosity related to specific projects can make a big difference. This section includes all the fundraising campaigns currently underway – in memoriam scholarships, special initiatives and more.

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Within Our Reach

The Within Our Reach campaign was the first major fundraising initiative launched by an Italian university. Between 2007 and 2020, we raised more than 120 million euros from donations and liberal contributions to support faculty, research, students and campus growth.

This was a great achievement, accomplished only through the support of people and organizations that share our same values and believe in our mission.

Million euros raised raised until 2020
Donors between 2007-2020
Students benefit from need-based and merit-based scholarships: more than 1 out of 4
Donations from Corporations and Foundations