Why giving matters

Because the Social Sciences make a difference, now more than ever

In a world that is changing faster and faster, the social sciences and innovation are fundamental for addressing increasingly complex global phenomena. Supporting Bocconi means contributing to the spread of “Knowledge That Matters”, concrete knowledge that can provide answers to the greatest challenges of our time and transform society through research and higher education. Perhaps most importantly, donations revolutionize the lives of young people who can realize their full potential.

To support a not-for-profit organization

Bocconi was established through a donation and it has grown thanks to the support of individuals, companies and organizations who, like us, believe in the transformative power of education and research. As a not for profit entity, the University must always invest its financial resources for the exclusive benefit of students, teaching and research. Donor gifts are allocated to support specific projects, or by mutual agreement they become part of the University’s endowment fund, capital invested long-term that guarantees the University’s independence and sustainability.

To promote merit, diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity

Through tuition waivers and scholarships, new horizons open for many deserving students through access to quality education regardless of their background. At Bocconi, 1 out of 3 students receives financial aid, and thanks to the help of our Donors we can build a society that is increasingly based on openness, critical thinking, expertise and cultural diversity.

For a culture open to everyone

A top Italian and European institution, Bocconi University is internationally established and progress-oriented. It is a center of knowledge and talent, where pluralism and autonomy of thought fuel value creation for all of society. Supporting the growth of this University is a way of investing in a shared future, making the knowledge it generates accessible to everyone. This is also accomplished through the growth of the campus , a modern and dynamic neighborhood open to the city and host to world-class cultural and scientific initiatives, making life at university a transformative experience.

To help us plan the economy of the future

Research and teaching in the social sciences contribute to many of the Sustainable Development Goals in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Educating the future leaders of change, advancing the frontiers of knowledge on the issues of sustainability and social inclusion, and promoting a culture of responsibility are challenges of the modern era. The University is aware these challenges can only be addressed with a clear vision and a shared plan, translated into concrete commitment through the objectives of the Vision 2030 and the Strategic Plan 2021-2025. Only in concert with those who believe and invest in young people and knowledge can we build a sustainable and inclusive future.