07 Nov 2022

OTB Foundation Brave Women Awards

OTB Foundation Brave Women Awards

Arianna Alessi, vice president of the OTB Foundation, met the first 8 beneficiaries of the OTB Foundation Brave Women Awards on November 7th at Bocconi, to get to know them and network, while reflecting on the future with a view to giving back.

"Despite being very young, all the girls have shown the determination and motivation needed to make a difference in our country of tomorrow," said Arianna Alessi. "All of them gladly accepted the commitment required to support other women, at first at at a mentoring level and, in the future, at an economic level, with the activation of other scholarships.”

The Entitled Support Fund, set up by the OTB Foundation at Bocconi with a total contribution of 280,000 euros, in fact aims to support the future generation of women managers in the public and private sector, capable of networking , willing to help each other and eager to create a virtuous circle of support.

The OTB Foundation Brave Women Awards offer beneficiaries the opportunity to attend a master's degree program at Bocconi thanks to a complete and structured support package.