12 Jun 2024

Grazie 1000

Grazie 1000

On June 12, the Donor Event 2024 was held at Bocconi, an annual appointment, but above all, a celebration of the generosity and deep connection that unites the Donors and the Bocconi community, once again demonstrating how their contribution is fundamental in changing the lives of many people in countless ways.

An occasion to smile, reflect, and witness firsthand the impact that generosity can have on the lives of many young people and, concretely, on the world we live in.

For one evening, Erika Zancan (Alumni & Fundraising Director) guided the audience through a journey of different stories and experiences, all connected by a common thread: the sense of belonging to the Bocconi community.

She first engaged in a duet and playful banter — in a fun role-playing game — with the students of the BLPSA association, who literally opened the event with a piece from the musical "Moulin Rouge," and then invited President Andrea Sironi to the stage. He emphasized the fundamental importance of the Donors and reminded everyone how crucial their support is not only for the students but also for research, the faculty, and the entire University.

Following the president's speech was a triple interview with Donors Mariafrancesca Carli, Bruno Verona, and Luca Ribichini. Three Alumni and Donors who shared their personal experiences and discussed the deep motivations that led them to donate, as individuals, as professionals, and as members of the Bocconi Alumni Community.

A live broadcast then transported the participants to the Dormitory at Via Bocconi 12, where an exceptional guide — Managing Director Riccardo Taranto — accompanied the audience into the room of a resident: that of Andrea Krohn, a scholarship recipient, who shared his story and spoke about the fundamental importance of the support he received, before being surprised by a video greeting from his donor, Erdit Hoxha, which moved and inspired not only Andrea but everyone present.


The evening continued with a speech by Professor Nicoletta Balbo, who, with a touching testimony from her personal experience, presented her research on families affected by disability. She explained how the funds received have allowed the development of innovative studies and brought them closer to concrete solutions that can improve the lives of many people. Her words profoundly moved the audience, highlighting the human and social value of research and how essential donor support is in making a difference in these areas.

Acting as an impromptu actor, Professor Stefano Caselli then starred in a humorous video that introduced the audience to the new Bocconi Alumni Clubhouse: a new space dedicated to Alumni, networking, and created to maintain the connection with their Alma Mater.

There were also lighthearted moments, such as a swimming race between Donor Giovanni Canetta and scholarship recipient Arianna Albergoni, and moments of deep reflection, such as the touching stories shared by beneficiaries Albina Ntivuguruzwa and Mariano Carrella, interviewed by Professor Antonella Carù.

The evening concluded with a networking cocktail, an opportunity for participants to socialize, reflect on the experiences shared, and build new connections.