08 Mar 2023

March 8 is not just any other day, together with our Donors

March 8 is not just any other day, together with our Donors

Women's empowerment starts with education and, in this context, the promotion of women's presence within those fields of study that have traditionally been more male dominated, is crucial. Bocconi University, thanks to the support of numerous Donors, increases its commitment year after year. 

From the activities of the AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality to the studies on the risk of promoting the gender gap through multiple-choice exams; from the research on "pink quotas" in politic to the research on gender violence in South America; from the analysis of Italian legislation compared to European requirements to the direct experiences in networking and legal clinics for women in prison: the University has always been in favor of inclusion and gender equality. Below are just two of the many projects dedicated to this sensitive issue

For the current academic year, 54 scholarships and tuition waivers were allocated for this objective, supported by 20 donors (11 companies and foundations and 9 large individual donors), with the aim of increasing this effort in forthcoming years. And while fundraising continues – here is the link where anyone can donate to the campaign Women in Finance, the project that promotes gender equality in the financial sector through qualified training and tuition remission – it emerges that six of the fourteen named scholarship funds supporting students have the promotion of female empowerment as their aim. They are the Generali Bocconi Women in STEM Awards, the eBay Bocconi Women in Tech Awards, the Donna Javotte Women's Scholarship Fund, the Mastercard Bocconi Women Awards, the OTB Foundation Brave Women Awards, and the Pirelli Women Awards.

At the international level, AXA is committed in the promotion of Gender & Inclusion themes, investing considerable resources in collaboration with important companies, foundations and universities. For AXA, Bocconi University, thanks to the research carried out by Paola Profeta, is a key reference point on such issues.

In order to increasingly promote academic research on gender equality and inclusion, AXA has set up the Gender Equality LAB. The aim of the LAB is to carry out rigorous research capable of producing well-defined results and clear strategic recommendations to guide the actions of the main actors in the economic and political spheres: workers, businesses and policy makers. Its research focuses on Italy and other European countries.