08 Nov 2023

Lectio Inauguralis - Cognitive Economics

Lectio Inauguralis - Cognitive Economics

The Lectio Inauguralis of the Chair in Behavioral Economics and Finance, established by the Romeo and Enrica Invernizzi Foundation and assigned to Professor Nicola Gennaioli, was held on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at Bocconi University's Manfredini Room.  

Rector Francesco Billari and the President of the Invernizzi Foundation Giuseppe Bertoni introduced Professor Gennaioli, who led the audience on a fascinating journey, arguing that understanding the origins and consequences of decision biases requires considering them as byproducts of two cognitive functions: selective memory and attention. 

Afterwards, Professor Kahana (University of Pennsylvania) presented key research findings on memory, highlighting the need for close collaborations between cognitive and social sciences. The Lectio continued with a discussion moderated by Professor Giovanna D'Adda (University of Milan), during which the two professors answered questions about the possible real-world implications of the cognitive approach to decision-making.  

Finally, the event was concluded by the closing remarks of Bocconi President Andrea Sironi. 

The Romeo and Enrica Invernizzi Foundation Chair in Behavioral Economics and Finance represents an important recognition for Professor Nicola Gennaioli who, through his research, will contribute to the understanding of the dynamics related to the field of cognitive science in the study of economics.