05 May 2023

Event in memory of Achille Boroli

Event in memory of Achille Boroli

On May 2, as part of the activities of the Achille and Giulia Boroli Foundation Chair in European Studies, Bocconi University held its annual event in memory of Achille Boroli, with Irene Tinagli, MEP and chair of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament, as this year's guest speaker.

The event was opened by University Rector Francesco Billari and by Andrea Boroli, vice president of the Foundation. The following speech by Carlo Altomonte, representative of the Chair in European Studies and coordinator of the European Economic Policy course, introduced and presented the guest speaker and the subject.

In her open lecture, Irene Tinagli then discussed the importance of greater integration among European countries, highlighting how the economic and social crisis, caused by the pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, has highlighted the need for greater coordination among EU member states. 

At the end of the talk, Catherine De Vries, Dean for International Affairs in Bocconi, announced the three winning projects in the CIVICA Capstone Project Competition, which was awarded the prestigious Boroli Foundation Prize. The projects were developed from specific and concrete issues related to European Union policies, as part of the second edition of the multicampus course "The Future of Europe", designed and taught jointly in all institutions that are part of the CIVICA network.
The event concluded with a talk by Gianmarco Ottaviano, holder of the Achille and Giulia Boroli Foundation Chair in European Studies.