Aldo Bisio
Data is the backbone of digitalization, the fourth industrial revolution. […] With the Vodafone Chair in Machine Learning and Data Science, we want students from one of the most prestigious universities in Europe to acquire innovative tools that will allow them to participate as protagonists in the new phase of the digital revolution that Italy is facing.
Aldo Bisio
CEO, Vodafone Italia



Vodafone Italia – part of the Vodafone Group, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world – and Bocconi have developed a very solid partnership over many years. Vodafone has been part of the Corporate Associate Program since 2007, is a CEMS Corporate Partner and a top employer of Bocconi graduates (around 400 Bocconi alumni currently work for the company and it has participated in Bocconi&Jobs since 2006). Based on this deep-rooted relationship, in 2018 Bocconi and Vodafone committed to further strengthening their collaboration in the form of a Strategic Partnership. The Vodafone Chair In Machine Learning And Data Science was established, a fixed-term academic position with the aim of promoting cutting-edge research and development of human capital in the field of machine learning and data science. The Chair has been assigned to Riccardo Zecchina, Full Professor in Bocconi's Department of Decision Sciences and foremost expert in this field. The Chair's research will allow the use of the most advanced theories and algorithms to be combined with application on a very large scale, for both research and educational purposes. This is also true of the Vodafone Challenge, during which Bocconi students challenge each other in groups in a competition that aims to work on concrete solutions for several Vodafone services, with winners rewarded with an internship at Vodafone.


  • Vodafone Chair in Machine Learning and Data Scienc
  • MSc in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance