The long partnership between KPMG, a global leader in professional business services, and Bocconi is founded on the shared value of always aiming for professional excellence. For KPMG, this also translates into significant investments in the search for talent and the development and sharing of knowledge. In 2019, the company further strengthened its close relationship with the University by first becoming a partner of the Master of Science in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance, and subsequently by establishing a new endowed chair, the KPMG Chair in Accounting. KPMG became a Strategic Partner of Bocconi with the endowment of this Chair, assigned to Annalisa Prencipe, Full Professor in the Accounting Department and Dean of the Undergradate School. KPMG has historically been a leading employer of Bocconi graduates, and has been a member of the Corporate Associates Program since 2001. Shared values, objectives and interests between Bocconi and KPMG has been the basis of this important collaboration over the years, which has brought to fruition popular and scientific initiatives and projects, and enhanced human capital by supporting graduates.

Through the creation of a permanent Chair, KPMG has chosen to donate to the endowment, demonstrating that it places great trust in the University, its mission and its management of resources. The University’s endowment fund is capital that the University invests in the long term generating an annual return, which guarantees the independence and sustainability of Bocconi activities over time.