Built on shared values, the partnership between Bocconi University and Deutsche Bank has deep roots. It began in 1997 with the Bank joining the Partners for Development Program – a program that involves top management in meetings with Bocconi leadership, with the aim of sharing strategies and new market trends. It was then consolidated in 2010 with a Strategic Partnership agreement, aimed at supporting all development areas of the University: Faculty, with the establishment of a named fixed-term academic position; Students, through the support of the Bocconi Merit Award program; and University and Campus with a named classroom in the Via Röntgen building, the Deutsche Bank Room. This initial multiyear agreement also culminated in the Deutsche Bank Chair in Quantitative Finance and Asset Pricing. Established in 2010, it was a fixed-term chair assigned to Carlo Favero, Full Professor in the Department of Finance. Then, in 2016 Deutsche Bank confirmed its commitment to the advancement of knowledge and supporting research, consolidating its support for Bocconi University and transforming the Chair established six years earlier into an endowed chair. The Chair’s research focuses on the interactions between demographic trends, asset prices and the effects of growth in longevity. Deutsche Bank's commitment aims to support research in the financial field, as well at educating young talents through training activities. Outreach and dissemination activities include presentations, events and seminars to disseminate research conducted. The General Symposium on Pensions has been an extremely successful series of events: they are opportunities for debate between academia and institutions. The medium- and long-term implications of the shock caused by the pandemic were recently highlighted during the event, as well the resulting fiscal overstretch for the control of public debt, debt issuance and debt management strategies and the dynamics of pension debt.

Finally, another element of the productive relationship between Deutsche Bank and Bocconi is its recruitment activities: Deutsche Bank is in fact one of the most active companies in the financial sector, with regular participation in on-campus and off-campus promotion activities for students and graduates.

Furthermore, as a Strategic Partner, Deutsche Bank is a member of the Partners for Development Program and is actively involved in life at Bocconi through the Development Committee and the Coordination Committee.

Through the creation of a permanent Chair, Deutsche Bank has chosen to donate to the endowment, demonstrating that it places great trust in the University, its mission and its management of resources. The University’s endowment fund is capital that the University invests in the long term, generating an annual return, which guarantees the independence and sustainability of Bocconi activities over time.


  • Deutsche Bank Chair in Quantitative Finance and Asset Pricing
  • Deutsche Bank Room
  • General Symposium on Pensions event