Alain Rauscher
We have a profound respect for Bocconi with two members of our team having graduated from the University. We are pleased to support this course and deepen our partnership with a leading academic institution.
Alain Rauscher
CEO and Managing Partner, Antin Infrastructure Partners


“Seeing potential, delivering value:” this is the motto of Antin Infrastructure Partners, a leading independent private equity firm focused on infrastructure investment, with the concept of partnership among the founding principles of its corporate mission. 

70 professionals in Paris, London and Luxembourg manage three Pan-European infrastructure investment funds that target controlling stakes in the sectors of energy and environment, telecommunication, transportation and social infrastructure. The relationship between Bocconi and Antin began in 2015, when Antin made a philanthropic gift to name the course "Structured and Project Finance," taught by Stefano Gatti, Professor of Corporate Finance at Bocconi. The goal of this initial partnership was to expand the culture of investing in infrastructure – and structured finance in particular – through student education. Based on this fruitful relationship, Bocconi and Antin have been committed to strengthening their collaboration in the form of a Strategic Partnership, creating a new academic position and promoting research in the field of infrastructure finance. Then, in 2017, Antin Infrastructure Partners decided to collaborate with our University with a generous gift, supporting Professor Stefano Gatti with the Antin IP Associate Professorship in Infrastructure Finance. The gift also supports a research program headed by Professor Gatti who, as part of this important study, coordinates five members of the faculty. It is a philanthropic gesture of considerable magnitude, which is a testament to the exemplary research in the infrastructure sector of one of our professors, Professor Stefano Gatti. This is moving in the direction of creating a case study on a topic of common interest: promoting the culture of investments in public service and funding the academic community and students who can study the subject thoroughly. Antin and Bocconi's goal is to continue to collaborate to become an important research center in Europe. A first step has been taken in this direction by continuing to develop the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in Financing and Investing in Infrastructure – a free online course open to anyone – a project developed by Professor Gatti in 2014 and so far attended by 25,000 people around the world.



  • Antin IP Associate Professorship in Infrastructure Finance
  • Financing and Investing in Infrastructure course