Niccolò Colussi

“Young people are fascinating, they hurl you into the future. Contributing to their education permits you to accompany them on their journey and be part of the history they will write”.

ColussiNiccolò Colussi, a young Alumnus born and raised in Milan, now lives in Switzerland where he manages the family office operating in various investment sectors and for years a promoter of philanthropic initiatives to encourage education in developing countries. 
Niccolò is emotionally attached to Bocconi, which accompanied him on his path of study and individual growth, and where he made strong, lasting friendships. With his Alma Mater, he shares the desire to make accessible innovative and international higher education, geared towards inclusion and the breaking down of geographical, social and economic barriers. For this reason, he finds it perfectly natural to support the University and its students through the “Una Scelta Possibile” and the Partial Scholarships projects, both of which offer a real opportunity for merit regardless of the socioeconomic background. Thanks to his support, over the next 5 years, ten Italian students will be able to enjoy an educational experience of the highest level, just like he did a few years ago. Three of them have already started their journey at Bocconi.