Luca Mignini

“The period I spent at Bocconi Residence was an important moment in my life. During that time I shared extraordinary human experiences and made lasting friendships, so I have chosen to honor it with concrete action, at the same time supporting present and future students”

lucaFormer executive at Campbell's and now professor of Innovation and Management at Bocconi, Luca Mignini sees his experience at Bocconi Residence as a transformational experience, which radically changed his way of living and influenced his whole life. At Bocconi Residence, he met students from different backgrounds and came to appreciate the impact of scholarships and tuition exemptions, forging strong and lasting bonds. The sense of belonging to his Alma Mater drove him to express all his gratitude to the people, family or otherwise, who have been key points of reference in his life. He did this by naming three spaces in the Bocconi Residence in via Bocconi 12, dedicating memorial tuition exemptions and supporting the Bocconi in Opera project. Today, as a professor, Luca helps young people to learn by sharing his on-the-ground experience, in a virtual passing of the baton from one generation to the next. Because, as he says, helping worthy people to grow, investing in the future, is humanly more important than mere support.