Faculty & Research

Innovative and multidisciplinary research

Knowledge that matters" means giving concrete  answers to the challenges of the future, through the development of social sciences. A goal pursued through constant investment in basic and applied research, a  strong focus on interdisciplinarity and the integration  of new competencies, and with an eye on frontier areas such as sustainability, inclusion and diversity.  In this context, philanthropy plays a crucial role.

Donor support can, in fact, decisively stimulate multidisciplinary research in these highly topical areas, particularly through the establishment and funding of Research Laboratories.

The Laboratories bring together a team of researchers with diversified skills and, thanks to a multidisciplinary and knowledge integration-oriented approach, they actively contribute to the advancement of knowledge in specific fields, guaranteeing visibility and scientific depth to the issues under investigation.

At Bocconi, there are currently 9 active Laboratories set up thanks to a donation, and among these 5 have been established or renewed between 2021 and 2022.

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