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Fondazione Achille e Giulia Boroli

“We are proud of the collaborations developed over the years together with Bocconi to bring students closer to European values through their academic careers, but also to relate to society on topics and proposals for a Europe that is closer to its citizens.”

boroliThere is all the spirit of the founder, Achille Boroli, in the historic collaboration between the Fondazione Boroli and Bocconi: the desire to train young talents and the dream of a Europe that is always stronger and more integrated. Founded more than 15 years ago on mutual values and objectives, this bond has been transformed over time, growing in scope and strength, becoming a true strategic partnership. Numerous initiatives have been developed over the years thanks to the contribution of the Foundation, culminating with the institution and naming of the European Studies Professorship, assigned to Prof. Gianmarco Ottaviano. In addition to educational and research activities, numerous initiatives that target students and society, like Europeans: Bocconi-Boroli Days on Europe that, together with the editorial project entitled “The State of Europeans”, has contributed to spreading a greater awareness of the role and dynamics of the European Union among younger generations. The most recent initiative of extraordinary success is #GenerazioneEU 2021, designed for secondary school students.