Citi Foundation

“With Bocconi we strongly share values and we are very proud to develop projects on issues of mutual interest and close to the Foundation, like investing in the future of young people, in their skills, and their social inclusion”.

citiSince 1997, the historic collaboration between Bocconi and the Citi global bank has been evolving through Citi Foundation: from the support of research projects, financial education in schools, to the initiatives like #StartupDay, to promote youth entrepreneurship. This collaboration is founded on shared convictions that young people constitute an investment in the future and that, by helping them to acquire advanced skills and capacities, a contribution can be made to a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive society. This is the direction being taken by the new project 1stGEN@UNI, which promotes a university education as a driver of social mobility for secondary school students who find themselves economically and socially disadvantaged. Even the name aspires to the opportunity offered to the participants to become the first generation of their families to benefit from a university education. 1stGEN@UNI is matched by another new project, the so-called Phoenix, born of a desire to help the no-profit sector, which has been seriously impacted by the pandemic.