Giving Societies - Corporations and Foundations

Bocconi recognizes the importance of engaging the economic and institutional world in its activities. To value the crucial support of its Partners - corporations, foundations and institutions - Bocconi collect them in giving societies, in line with their commitment and the type of cause supported.


Endowment Donors

The companies, foundations and institutions that choose to donate to the endowment, rather than to current initiatives, are donors who demonstrate that they place great trust in the University, its mission and its management of resources. The endowment is the University's capital fund, which the University invests for the long term and which generates an annual return, guaranteeing the independence and sustainability of Bocconi activities over time.


1902 Strategic Partners

A selected group of corporations, foundations and institutions which, sharing the University's vision and strategic goals, choose to support it with large donations of long-term duration in its development process, becoming an active part in the future of our society and the country.



These are partners committed to supporting wide-ranging projects over a long-term period. By making major donations, these corporations, foundations and institutions finance scholarship programs, academic positions, research programs, technology or classrooms and campus spaces, helping the University to achieve its goal of putting knowledge and expertise at the service of the community.


Other Partners and Donors

These are corporations, foundations and institutions that choose to support a specific initiatives: educational programs and research activities, scholarships and projects implemented across the campus.