AXA Lab on Gender Equality

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Director Paola Profeta

Paolo Profeta

She is Professor of Public Finance at Bocconi University. After graduating with honors in Economic and Social Sciences at Bocconi University, she obtained a PhD in Economics from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.
A fellow at CESifo Munich and CHILD at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin, she is a member of the editorial board at CESifo Economic Studies and European Journal of Political Economy and scientific advisor for the Unicredit and Universities Foundation.

Team members

A dedicated team of researchers with interdisciplinary backgrounds to address several challenges of Gender&Inclusion issues.

Joint Purpose

AXA is aware of the relevance of the Gender & Inclusion issue at an international level and invests a big effort and huge resources worldwide; AXA works in partnership with big companies, foundations and Universities in this field. Bocconi University is playing a role on these topics with Paola Profeta’s research activity and she is a point of reference for the company. The new Gender Equality LAB will promote academic research on the topic of gender equality and inclusion, with the purpose of developing rigorous research with well-identified results and clear policy recommendations which will ultimately inform and lead the action of the main actors on the economic and political sphere: workers, firms and policy-makers. Research will be conducted with reference to Italy and to other European countries. The center of the analysis of the LAB is gender equality in the economic, political and social sphere. 


  • Development of research streams on topics of common interest. ​
  • Research outputs: position papers, reports, short notes, videos and similar, comments and articles on the policy debate, academic books.​
  • Dissemination activities: workshops and conference to present the outcomes of the research related to the Lab to relevant stakeholders and general public; periodic seminars on specific topics open to students and professionals.​
  • Joint communication plan​