Broadening the horizons of knowledge

The Bocconi Campus, a resource open to everyone

Life on campus is an integral part of the university experience. Its buildings and spaces are the urban and architectural expression of Bocconi's innovative and avant-garde vision, and of the international focus that the University shares with the city of Milan.

We aim to create a unique experience for the Bocconi community in terms of study, research and work, but also leisure and cultural growth, in a vibrant and stimulating environment that we can be proud of.

It is an ambitious and ongoing journey, and donor support is a key factor in its success.

How to Make a Gift

Donors can contribute to the evolution of the campus by naming iconic places of university life in the most historic or modern buildings, or even a recently opened wing of the newest facility on campus.

Naming an area on campus allows you to associate your name with the chosen space or academic facility, or dedicate it to the memory of an important person. Donors can also support sports activities and life experiences at Bocconi by contributing to the implementation of specific initiatives for the entire Bocconi community: sports, named series of events or cultural initiatives such as BAG - Bocconi Art Gallery.

Named Spaces on Campus
Artworks donated to the BAG - Bocconi Art Gallery
Activities and Projects on Camps supported by Donors